The expansive growth of global negative trends in the last 5 years and predicted manifestation of the "irreversibility" of their impact on the existing world order has influenced some changes of the priorities in Fund's strategy.

Fund's main objective is a participation in creating and investing in the elements, sectors and segments of the "global framework for sustainable development", as well as support for a strategy of leading global players to neutralize the negative impact of global trends on the supporting structures of the existing world order.

The Fund shall provide organizational support of the construction in Moscow a unique cultural and educational center - House of Arts (Arts House).

One of the priorities of the Fund is its participation in the implementation of the subprogram "Study and research in Antarctica" and "Nature of the World Ocean" Federal Target Program "World Ocean".

In 2007, the Fund Board decided to launch a permanent projects in the field of social policy advice and forecasting, which will be provided through established think tank.

Since September 2009 the Fund issued newsmagazine devoted to the analysis and characterization of key global trends that are most critical to the functioning of the human community and the existing world order.

In 2010 under the auspices of Fund National Library Resource was founded.

In 2011 the Russian Association for the Advancement of Science was established.

In 2015 for the implementation of investment strategies and strengthening of the expert group Fund set up Limited Liability Company “EVOCORP”.